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Band Saw Repairs

Our machine shop in the year 2000 began serving the industry as a general job shop making band saw replacement parts. The manufacturing industry was slowing in early 2000. We identified the need to produce Band Saw Blade guides at a lower cost to our customers. We quickly responded by becoming the first custom blade guide manufacturer in the USA.

In 1987 we supplied some OEM's with blade guide and a few feed system parts also some assorted parts including wheels and belts for all types of band saws. Later, end steel service centers found that they preferred our lower cost and higher quality parts for band saws coupled with the quick delivery we offer. As word spread around the country regarding the capabilities of our machine shop, we began expanding our parts inventory and our product line.

The band sawing industry is ever expanding. This has enabled us to not only to keep up, but to stay ahead of the changes in the technological advances of the aftermarket parts industry. has now supplied thousands of parts to all types of end users in countries such as the U.S.A., Canada, Mexico, England and Europe. We welcome the opportunity to meet your company needs and feel certain that we will exceed the quality, pricing and delivery requirements you may have.

Band Saw Parts Solutions

We provide information on Parts and service for your band saw machine. We can help you get your machine up and running by free phone tech support. Give us a call and we can assist you in getting the parts and service you need to repair your bandsaw. Our information can help you to repair virtually any problem you might experience with almost any model of bandsaw gives us unparalled expertise in our field. Trajan, Amada, Doall, Berhinger, Kasto, Hydmech, Hem Saw, Marvel, Cosen, Spartan, WF Wells, Kalamazoo, Wellsaw and others are what we can repair. Customers need the saw kept in motion. We can fix your problem! Band Saw Blades

German tooth design made here in the USA

The best of both worlds, German Quality made with American labor. Haltbar is a premium bi-metal band saw blade.

Designed in Germany and made in the USA.

The German tooth design makes it far tougher and more wear-resistant than other blades. Simply put; We are better than our competition. M42 high speed steel tooth edges provide superior wear, heat and shock resistance. Special German tooth geometry with positive rake is an excellent backer providing one of the most fatigue resistance backers in the industry.

"Haltbar Band Saw Blades were designed for companies that require production, yet still have to look at the bottom line, a company like yours."

We wanted to bring to the market German quality, yet not harming our own economy by importing foreign products. We wanted a blade that gives the customer a total band saw blade solution, while cutting your production costs. We have done it!

Haltbar means less blade changes, fewer striped teeth, lower blade costs.

Haltbar blades will cut whatever you need to cut. They easily saw through hard-to-machine metals. They cut through all shapes, sizes and types of soft metals. Haltbar is sold @, shipped that day, all at 40% less. This makes our team your best choice for band saw blades while helping you control costs.

Call us at 1-800.754.6920